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Karate and other Martial Arts Disciplines have many positive benefits such as it strengthens your mind and body. Being an active participant increases your strength, cardiovascular system and muscle tone. These are the obvious side effects. But an aspect of Karate and other Martial Arts Disciplines, that most people are unaware is the mental benefit that one receives. Many children that are involved in Karate appear to have a better mental focus at school. Also adult Karate students have better concentration and focus at work. When you are training at your Karate School the Sensei, (the teacher), gives out commands in Japanese. Also, as you work out you are learning a new language and getting a glimpse or another culture.

Karate has made us closer as a family and will make us stronger,” Jennifer said. “We are all looking forward to being black belts.” Karate has given Jennifer and her children a common goal to work towards together. They encourage and support each other on the way to reaching their goal of black belt. This makes it more likely that they will achieve that goal and gives them a way to relate to each other.

The storyline of the original Karate Kid sees Daniel, an Italian with a thick Jersey accent, move to California with his mother. There he finds it hard to fit in, having no success with girls and getting in fights with bullies. During one particularly tough rumble he is saved by the gardener, Mr. Miyagi. Miyagi teaches him not only karate but also the spiritual education that goes along with a heightened level of understanding. Through his karate training, Daniel learns that there are ways to win a fight without violence.

Family Karate

Family Karate

Running, jumping, punching, kicking, and screaming are normal, but children are often put on prescriptions for being active. Karate gives children a safe and structured solution for managing anger. Many parents, with children in our Karate classes at our North Providence facility, remark that their children sleep better, are more focused on homework, and are more cooperative after a Karate lesson.

Karate is well appreciated all over the world. As you may have noticed, not only adults are addicted to it but also teenagers not to mention the growing young practitioners of this generation. The reason behind this is that karate gives several benefits. It does not only give you pride but also increases your self-confidence in such a way that you cannot also boast of your own skills. Another reason for this is that today, it is a requirement to at least have a basic knowledge on self-defence. Otherwise, you can end up a target in various crimes such as robbery, molestation and even bullying.

There are many Karate moves which a practitioner must learn. As a beginner, he needs to know the basic karate moves which will serve as foundation for further levels of karate lessons. These include blocking, kicking and punching. Blocking is a necessary Karate move that prevents the attacker from further inflicting injury in you. This is performed by using the arms and hands for the most part. Blocking is essential in every karate combat. Then, one also needs to be familiar with kicking. Needless to say, this is done through the use of feet. When performed with force and power, this can already be an effective method to fend of opponent. To practice precision and force in throwing a kick, one can practice on a practice bag.

Teenagers are less rebellious after joining karate and younger children are more cooperative when it comes to discipline. Parents are finding that dealing with every day problems is easier after participating in karate classes. Many people do not realize the discipline that they lack in their lives but participating in karate classes helps them to realize where they were lacking. They too are realizing the benefits of family karate.

There are many reasons to consider the discipline of karate. It is good for physical as well as mental health. It is good for attaining goals. Self defense and self awareness is important today. Complete awareness of your surroundings can lead to fewer problems. It is also becoming a popular sport. There is a great deal of mental discipline involved. Friends and family can come together in a common interest.


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